Sleepover List

cool text sleepover

Here is what we will need to pack:

  • Big bag to pack your things in
  • iPad (locked in cupboard overnight)
  • Thursday lunch and snack
  • Friday lunch and snack (or lunch order)
  • Hat
  • Comfy casual clothes
  • PJs
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Brush
  • Face washer
  • Clean school uniform
  • Clean undies and socks
  • Homework book
  • Home readers

Pack your own bags because your mum or dad aren’t coming to the sleepover so they don’t need to pack your bag. You can get help from your parents but you need to do it mostly on your own. (Mahrosh, Aarushi, Alara).

Scratch Experts


Today 2A and 2D explored Scratch and found out what kind of things it can do! We had to problem solve to work out how to do lots of new skills. Here are some of our new skills and experts that can help you with them:

  • Adding sounds – Cooper, Riley, Kaan, Indy
  • Adding a background – Rivindu, Chloe, Stella, Mahrosh, Josh
  • Adding a background that you have drawn – Chloe, Mahrosh, Gemma, Brock
  • Adding a new Sprite – Tenayah, Yas, Ashor, Anjali
  • Adding a Sprite that you have drawn – Tenayah, Chloe, Mahrosh
  • Changing the Sprite colour – Pahan, Aarnav, Riley, Arush
  • Deleting a block – Emma, Marlo, Shant, Jordan
  • Moving the Sprite – Esther, Billy, Aarushi, Yaren
  • Moving your Sprite to a certain place – Indy, Rivindu
  • Deleting a Sprite – Esther, Stella, Arush, Olivia
  • Record a sound – Tomaia, Adriano, Isaac

M&MS Fractions!


We had a M&M packet full of M&Ms.We did fractions with our M&Ms.We used circled coloured paper and stuck them together.We thought that we did a Great job in making our M&Ms fractions.We had real M&Ms and the colours were red,yellow,orange,brown,green and blue.We all enjoyed a lot in the activity.


Mrs.Fintelman hung our circled coloured paper in our classroom.In the end,we could eat our M&Ms.

From Anjali and Aarushi


Scratch Games


Scratch Games!
Which categories do these games fall into?

Scratch Creator:


Have a go at these classic games. Which is your favourite? What makes them good or bad?




Supermario Bros.

Space invaders

Angry birds


cooltext145335775299894 (1)


Today we sang a song called Gold in the gym. We did this because we were part of a special event called Music Count Us In, and lots of schools across Australia sang this song at the same time. We felt very excited because we were going to sing the Gold song with the whole school!


CERES Comes to our School


Today we went on an incursion where CERES came to our school and we were with the three grade 2 classes.

First they taught us a story about CERES. CERES means Centre for Education and Research for Environmental Strategies. It is a community park that also can you teach you about litter and how to reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink. The website is Then they taught us about the 4R’s. Then they taught us a song that was about how to save the environment and the 4R’s. The 4R’s are:

  1. Reduce – use less rubbish
  2. Reuse – use it again
  3. Recycle – send it to a factory to make something new out of it 
  4. Rethink – think about a different way of doing it 


After, Yas and Ahmed went shopping and we learnt about reducing (using less), and which items we shouldn’t take and which items we should take. Yas and Ahmed decided to take the ones that made less rubbish. They chose the popcorn that used less rubbish. The chose fruits from the shelf, not from boxes because that will make the environment more healthy.


Then, we held worms! It was really ticklish, and the worms wanted to get off our hands onto the floor because they might have been scared from the light and the noise. When we were holding them they did little dances. Worms have little hairs on them so they can feel and hear and they have five hearts. They are the biggest recyclers because they recycle foods scraps to make compost so that we can use it for our garden, which means there will be more plants in the environment.  They start a lifecycle.

We were excited and it was incredible that we touched worms and learnt how to recycle.




Today in our class we are learning about contractions. A contraction is two words squishing together where some letters come out and swap for an apostrophe. They help us speak faster.

Here are some of them:

  • I’ve (I have)
  • Could’ve (could have)
  • g’day (good day)
  • we’ll (we will)
  • were not (weren’t)

We watched this video to practise working out contractions and how to spell them:

Procedures and Paper Planes


Today we learned that procedures are supposed to have: a title, a goal or aim, materials/ingredients/equipment, steps/algorithm/process and images. We found that out by reading some procedures in our classroom and noticing the features of a procedure.

We made paper aeroplanes by reading a procedure and after we finished we went outside to test our paper aeroplanes. We commenced a race and the team with the dart aeroplanes won most of the time. Forest’s paper plane went the furthest in two races! Anjali’s went the furthest in the third race. IMG_3704


Welcome to Term 4!


Welcome to our last term in 2D! We have had an incredible year so far, and the fun isn’t over!

There are so many amazing things that we will be doing and learning about in Term 4.

jelly-37810_640In reading we will be getting a close look at procedural texts and learning how to read and follow instructions… maybe this will be instructions for a game, a craft or even a recipe! We will be viewing lots of persuasive texts and seeing if an author might be able to change our minds! We will also be learning some cool new strategies, like summarising and finding the author’s purpose.

In writing we will be writing our own procedures and persuasive texts and trying out lots of new ways to publish writing. We will be adding in lots of writer’s notebook time and getting even better at Write on Time! I can’t wait to see what you write about!

15802744018_74b862f201_bIn maths there is lots of fun coming up with division, money, graphing and area. We will be doing lots of maths to help us with our CBL topic, and will be getting lightning fast at mental maths!

CBL this term is all about Environment. So far you are all blowing my mind with the brilliant questions you are asking! You are ready to go for some great investigating, experimenting andsleep-25528_640 researching this term. CERES will be doing an exciting incursion with us on the 22nd of October.

And then there’s the most exciting part of Grade 2… the SLEEPOVER! I hope no one snores!

Don’t forget that this term you will need your SunSmart hat to be safe from the sun! If you don’t have a SunSmart hat like the one in the picture, you will need to play in the undercover areas of the school.

9311988446850_1-222ajsh-300x202 i2xllkxp-przx2y-26z4tju-300x243

I hope you are all ready and excited for a great term together!

What are you looking forward to most? Why?

Mrs Fintelman