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We are lucky to have lots of technology at our school and in our lives! We use the internet on our iPads very often and we need to know how to be safe and responsible online, so we can look after ourselves and others.

We watched a song to learn about using our bodies to be good digital citizens.

We learned that Digital Citizens…

  • Think with their heads/brain
  • Feel with their heart
  • Listen to their gut
  • Balance time with their arms
  • Stand up (to people doing the wrong thing) with their legs 


We used the Thinglink app to explain what we know about being good digital citizens. Tap on the nubbins to learn more. We hope you can learn something from us!


13 thoughts on “Digital Citizens

  1. Hi

    I like the blog very much because you can post comments like this one and its recent to oldest.

    From Rivindu

  2. Dear 2D,

    What great work. I think what you have learnt about Digital Citizenship is ver important. Like you said, we are so lucky to have all of this technology to use but it is so important we use it safely.

    I looked at a few of the thing link videos…I wonder if everyone was being a good digital citizen while filming?

    From Miss Spink

    • Hi Miss Spink,
      Thank you for commenting on our blog post we worked really hard to work on it,we apprishiate your comment.

      Will you comment on our other posts?

      From Mahrosh,Alara, and Tenayah

    • Hi miss slink

      Thank you for looking at our videos in think link.

      Can you teach us more about technology?

      From Anjali and Aarushi

    • Hi Rivindu,

      Well done on a fantastic comment! We might write a post about our zoos next. What blog posts ideas do you have?

      From Mrs Fintelman.

  3. I like our blog because of the construction challenge for the marball run for us and thank you for setting up all of our marball run and that was the beast day ever.

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