8 thoughts on “The Secret Door – Writing about Setting

    • Hi Ashor and Tomaia,
      Well done on writing a perfect blog comment! My favourite part of 2D was the Jungle Shimmy incursion. What are you looking forward to for the rest of the year?
      From Mrs Fintelman.

    • Danielle toothill

      Thank you for saying we have working so hard .
      We got a question are you a teacher , do you like the class room?

      From delilah , Indiana .

  1. Hi Mrs Fintalman,
    I love how you got the secret door on the 2D’s blog. I hope that you get something else EXITING so our class can enjoy.

    Mrs Fintalman when are we going to do something on the blog?

    From Mahrosh, Byyyyye

  2. Dear Mrs Fintelman,
    I like how 2D’s blog has nearly EVRY thing I and 2D has leant.
    What are we going to lean next term?
    Sincerely Alara

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